Shop Policies

Processing Time

The time it takes for me to get your order made and ready to ship out will take about 3-8 business days. If you do not receive a fulfillment email from our shop, please contact us immediately.

Order Shipped to Wrong Address

Contact us. You will have to pay again for shipping.

Estimated Shipping Time

Delivery usually depends on the type of shipping you choose during checkout. It could take from just a day to 2 weeks (depending on your shipping plan).

Customs and Import Taxes

The customer will be responsible for ANY customs or import taxes. I am NOT responsible for any delays due to these.

Payment Options

Returns, Exchanges, or Cancellations

For a full refund of your payment, you must tell me a brief description of what was wrong with your order, along with an image, your full name (on the order), and your order number(s).

I do not accept any returns, exchanges, or cancellations.

Privacy Policy

I will only use your mailing addresses and contact information to:

Communicate with you about your order
Fulfill and ship your order
For legal reasons (i.e. paying taxes)


Can I have free slime?

No, slime requires supplies to make it, and supplies cost money.

Are there any discounts for orders above 25 slimes?

For special occasions, like birthday parties, feel free to message me. We can work something out that is right for you and me.

Can I have a customized slime?

No, I do not make personalized slimes.

What size are your slimes?

They are packaged in mini plastic boxes with activator and lotion. The slimes are 6 ounces each.

I ordered a slime 2 days ago. Why isn't it here yet?

Read our shop policies please! It clearly states that I can take up to 8 days to make your order, and it can take up to 2 weeks for it to arrive! However, your order will not take that long to make most of the time.