Gorgeous Slimes, beautiful packaging. Aesthetically pleasing textures and playful styles. All in one shop.





this is Orange Fanta Passion Slushie from @slimeauroraofficial😍 guys you need to follow them RIGHT NOW. Do you see that packaging in the beginning? And the slime inside of that amazing packaging is OUT OF THIS WORLD! It’s the thickest slushee slime I’ve ever felt, smells amazing and makes the BEST bubbles with zero bead fallout, you need some @slimeauroraofficial in your life

@slime_city_bitch_ on Instagram

all 3 of the slimes she sent were wrapped beautifully & placed in mini plastic boxes which included mini squeeze bottles of borax & extra glitters! the pictures of the boxes and packaging will be uploaded onto my story. the other clear slime she sent will be posted tomorrow & the opaque one will be on my story.

@peachyslimebakery on Instagram

All slimes came beautifully packaged in individual transparent plastic boxes. Each box also had a little bottle of activator as well as glitter or fimo slices. I have never seen slime packaged like that which makes it very unique 😊 I also would like to mention that all slimes arrived non-sticky and stayed that way for at least one month!

@slime.fantasies on Instagram

Thanks for the awesome slime @slimeauroraofficial!!! It feels great and it is so fun to play with!

Sumin Yeo